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Insurance Committee for Arson Control (ICAC) 16 hours of Insurance Related Topics Presented with ICAC in a Separate Fire Claims and Investigation Track

A Decade of CSST: What We Learned (Mark Goodson)

Alarm Science Bootcamp for Arson & Fire Investigators (Jeffrey Zwirn)

An Analysis of Powerline Causation Issues in the Wildland Fire Investigation Context (Dr. Don Russell)

Analysis of Pinched Cords & Overdriven Staples (Michael Keller & Cameron Novak)

Application of Two Comparative Reduced Scale Enclosure Burns for Fire Investigations and Hypothesis Testing (Mark Campbell)

A Review of Soil Gas Migration in Natural Gas Fires and Explosions (David Heldenbrand)

Case Study: Carolina Beach Arson/Homicide- "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (Kevin Oliver & Christopher Elrod)

Cooperative Response to Fire Investigations (Phillip Brown & Robert Juergens)

Documenting the Fire Scene: Understanding Camera Settings for Professional Photographs (Donna Deaton)

Engineering Tools for Wildland Fire Investigation: Fire Pattern Indicators to Power Line Ignition and Safety (Kevin Lewis, Paul Way, & Albert Simeoni)

Everything a Fire Investigator Needs to know About Chemistry [But Was Too Busy to Ask] (Andrew Armstrong, Kelly Wouters, & Marion Armstrong)

Flashover (James Quintiere)

Formosa Fun Coast Explosion- Case Study (Jeanmay Yeh)

Full Eight hours of Wildland Fire Investigations on Thursday

Fundamentals of Fire Investigations (IAAI Training Staff and Instructors)

Gas Explosions and Behavior (Jamie Novak)

Investigation Beyond Origin & Cause (Ian Tedder & John Bull)

Investigating Commercial Kitchen Fires – Systems Design, Evaluation, and Documentation (Chip Barnhart & Kirk Hankins)

Recovering Data from Fire Damaged Electronics (Tully Kessler)

Regulations of Surveillance Technologies and their Implications for Fire Losses (Michael Jacobs & Todd Burris)

Remember the Alamo: A Step-by-Step Process for Corralling the Large Loss Scene Inspection (Brad Gordon)

Surviving Constitutional Challenges to an Arson Prosecution - Applying the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments to your Fire Investigation (Thomas Ost-Prisco)

The Discovery of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters Causing Electrical Wiring Fires (Vyto Babrauskas & James Brown)

The Four Corners of Origin Determination: Witness Statements, Fire Patterns, Arc Mapping, & Fire Dynamics (Panel Discussion)

Tomorrow's Investigations: Smart Homes, Electric Cars, and an Internet Connected World (Ron Kilgore & Michael Custer)

Tools of the Trade: Technology, Tools and Tips for Fire Investigators (Bob Toth)

Using NFPA 921 to Meet the Professional Qualifications of NFPA 1033 (Robert Duval)

What Do These Volatiles Really Mean in My Fire Debris Samples? (John DeHaan & Doug Byron)

Wildland Fire Scene Ignition Factors & Sources (Lucas Woolf)

Wildland Fire Scene Origin & Cause Investigation Methodology (James Engel)