International Training Conference & Expo

2021 ITC Training Classes (Classes are subject to change.)

Arc Melting in Electrical Receptacles: Cause or Effect?

Case Study in Framing and Fraud How Spoofing and Masking Technologies Were Used to Frame an Innocent Mother and Perpetuate an Arson Fraud

Case Study - Allentown Vehicle Explosion

Case Study - Kansas City Firefighter Fatality

Case Study - Maternal Filicide - Molly Delgado Double Homicide

Evidence Collection Practicum

Fire Fatality Investigations - A Better Understanding for a Better Outcome

Fire Investigation and Modeling Decoded

Fire Sprinkler Systems for the Fire Investigator

Fire Suppression and Ventilation System Failures in Commercial Cooking Operations

Fundamentals of Fire Investigation (Spanish)

Investigating a Fire Fatality, Working with Multiple Agencies for a Better Result

Major Fire Caused By Water

NFPA and Fire Investigation:  The Current State of NFPA Documents Relating to Fire Investigation

Post Blast Investigations

Recognizing Burning to Defraud for the O & C Investigator

Report Writing for Fire Investigators

The Crime That Wasn’t – A Conversation About Wrongful Arson Convictions

The Fire Investigation in an Arson Case

The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion for Arson Investigators

Thermometry and Thermodynamics for Fire Investigators

Uncommon Knowledge Regarding Fireplace and Chimney Related Fires

Ventilation Pattern Analysis Approach

What's My Fuel and What's My Ignition Source? - Getting a Most Critical Decision Right

Working Relationship Between Origin & Cause & Electrical Engineering Experts

You’re Right – But You’re Wrong