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International Training Conference & Expo


Demystifying Fire Sprinklers for the Fire Investigators: Not All Systems are Created Equal

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 (8:00am – 5:00pm) (Ballroom 6)

Not all fire sprinkler systems are created equal, but they are all designed with a specific mission - to aid in life safety and/or to protect the building and contents by controlling a fire. How do you know what to include in your fire investigation and report? This session will help you to identify the fire sprinkler system during the fire investigation; to evaluate the fire sprinkler system’s operational effectiveness; to utilize the interface with the fire alarm panel to assist in the development of the fire timeline; to identify reasons why a sprinkler system may not perform as anticipated; and to ask key questions about the fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler systems come to life through photos, videos and real-life construction and fire investigation experiences.


Margueritte Hickman

Since 1987, Margueritte Hickman has spent time in wildland and structural departments. During the last 13 years of her public service career as the Division Chief of Fire & Life Safety/Fire Marshal in a small city in Oregon, she provided inspections in both new construction and existing buildings, plan reviews, fire investigations and public relations. She is an IAAI-CFI and an ICC Fire Inspector II. She continues her passion for teaching and mentoring through Sage Fire Solutions, LLC, and the local community college. In her non-working life, she is a pilot, camper, hiker and traveler with her husband Don.

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