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International Training Conference & Expo



North Carolina

April 23-28 2023


Evidence Collection Practicum

Friday, April, 28 2023 (8:00am - 12:00pm) (Ballroom 101-102)

The Evidence Collection Technician Program verifies an applicant's fundamental knowledge as measured against core job performance requirements of established professional qualifications standards and standard industry practices related to evidence collection on fire scenes. This measurement is not all inclusive of the incorporated professional standards cited, but lays the foundation for measuring the holder’s fundamental ability to perform specific evidence collection tasks related to fire scene investigation at an acceptable level as measured against published acceptable practices.

The applicant must provide documentation of meeting minimum requirements including experience, training, and education. After the application is approved, the applicant must then successfully pass a practical examination.

The IAAI-ECT designation must be renewed every three years.

Casandra Jones

Casandra Jones

Mrs. Jones has 13 years of experience in fire investigations.  She has completed numerous courses on fire investigation sponsored by the IAAI and other organizations.  She earned a degree in education from Southeastern Louisiana University and is an experienced lecturer. Mrs. Jones supervises personnel, provides guidance and leadership, manages cases, quality control, and evidence, and prepares performance assessments of personnel. She has been actively involved in the Louisiana Chapter of the IAAI, serving as Treasurer on the Board since 2015. Mrs. Jones serves as a facilitator for the IAAI ECT program and as committee chairman for the IAAI FIU sub-committee. Additionally, she serves as the recording secretary for both the IAAI and the IAAI Foundation.

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