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APRIL 7-12 2024



2024 ITC Training Classes (Classes are subject to change.)

Monday, April 8th
Understanding CSST and Lightning
Fundamentals of Fire Investigation (Week-long class)

Tuesday, April 9th

State v. Claude F. Garrett & The Application of the Scientific Method
Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance, Legal, and Fire Investigation
Panel Discussion: Preparing for IAAI Leadership
IAAI-Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony (Four-Day Class - Separate Registration Required)

Wednesday, April 10th
The Challenges of Investigating & Prosecuting a Multi-State Serial Arsonist & Murderer
Potential of Smart Metering Devices in Fire and Crime Investigation
Lightning-Induced CSST Fire Claims & Litigation
Building Confidence in Origin & Cause Determinations
Investigating Fuel Gas Fire & Explosions
An Introduction to Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Fires: Investigation & Analysis?
The Correlation Between Arson and Violent Crime in America: Case Study and Research

Thursday, April 11th
Confirmation & Expectation Bias: How Do You Un-Ring the Bell?
Advanced Concepts in Self-Heating Fires: The Forensic Approach
Insurance Claims for Fire & Explosion Investigators
The Little Known Evolution of Solid Fuel Inserts & Their Potential Failure Points
Forensic Anthropology & Burned Remains: Advanced Fire Fatality Scene Techniques & Research
Observational Indicators of Enhanced Soot Deposition on Smoke Alarms in Forensic Investigations
Tarnished Badge: Lessons Learned from Investigation & Prosecution of Decade-Long Series of Multi-County “Revenge” Fires

Friday, April 12th
The Heat is On: Electric & Gas Dryer-Related Forensic Investigations
The Use of Fire Dynamics for Origin Determination
Obarrio Street, Panama City, Panama Building Explosion Case Study
IAAI-Evidence Collection Practicum (Separate Registration Required)

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