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APRIL 7-12 2024


Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Insurance, Legal, and Fire Investigation: Advancements, Challenges, and Future Prospects

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 (1:00pm - 3:00pm) Celebrity 1-8 (excluding 5)

In this two-hour session, attendees will explore the dynamic intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the insurance, legal, and fire investigation sectors. The presentation will dissect how AI is reshaping these fields, focusing on advanced aspects like evidence analysis and fire scene examinations. Attendees will gain insights into the challenges posed by AI, including ethical considerations and alignment with legal standards required of expert reports. The session also projects the future trajectory of AI's influence, particularly in enhancing the quality and impartiality of investigations. It will incorporate the latest findings from key authorities, offering practical guidance on leveraging AI for more effective, objective, and thorough investigations.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the fundamental principles of AI technology and its current applications in the insurance, legal, and fire investigation sectors.  

  • Analyze the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into fire investigation. 

  • Examine the role of AI in enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of fire scene examinations and its compliance with expert reports and related legal frameworks.  

  • Evaluate the potential future developments in AI technologies and their prospective impact on the legal and insurance industries. 

  • Discuss the importance of maintaining impartiality and objectivity in AI-assisted investigations and the role of AI in improving the overall quality of fire investigations.  

  • Explore the implications of AI in legal proceedings, focusing on how AI tools can aid in presenting fire investigation evidence and analysis in court, ensuring effective communication and adherence to legal standards.  

  • Assess the impact of AI on insurance claims processing related to fire incidents, including fraud detection, risk assessment, and claim settlement efficiency, to better understand the changing landscape of insurance practices influenced by AI technologies.


Robert Toth

Robert Toth's career in fire service and law enforcement spans over two decades, culminating in founding IRIS Fire Investigations, Inc. after retiring in 2002. His work in origin and cause investigations has taken him across the U.S. and abroad to Hong Kong and South Africa. Beyond his business, Toth has been a key figure in the International Association of Arson Investigators, serving as its President in 2021-2022 and holding other significant roles. His expertise also extends to his membership in prominent industry committees, contributing to standards in fire scene investigation and fire investigation unit standards.


Glenn Gibson

An experienced CEO with unique experience in the C-suite of the globe's largest claims administrator. Skilled in ERM, Property and Casualty Insurance, and Class Action / Litigation Management. Achieved 7 professional designations in a 45-year career. Cumulatively, he has served over 200 years on 25 board of directors- with 51 years service on 6 boards as a "Chairman". A leading author who has published over 350 articles and delivered over 500 lectures to a global audience. 30-years as instructor on IAAI-ATF Complex Fire Investigation course in Georgia and Alabama.


David Bridges

David E. Bridges is a technically trained attorney in Meagher + Geer, P.L.L.P.’s Catastrophic Loss Practice Group, operating out of the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas Metroplex. His practice focuses on complex civil litigation, including fires, explosions, structural failures, fire protection system failures, product failures, and other catastrophic losses and construction-related incidents across the United States. His assignments include forensic investigations of first-property and other catastrophic losses, including fires and explosions involving industrial, commercial, and residential facilities, agricultural and commercial equipment, passenger and commercial motor vehicles, including tractors, trailers, and semi-trucks, motor coaches, and passenger buses, and marine vessels. David brings the science and law together to investigate those incidents and provide representation from the outset of the incident through trial. David also represents and consults with private and public sector fire and explosion origin and cause investigators, forensic engineers, and other specialists around the country who are faced with Daubert- or Frye-related challenges to their qualifications, methodology, and opinions. He is an International Association of Arson Investigators Certified Fire Investigator (“IAAI-CFI”) and Certified Instructor (“IAAI-CI”). Prior to law school, David performed fire and explosion investigations in conjunction with his work as a special agent, certified fire investigator, and accelerant detection K-9 handler with the North Carolina Department of Justice (“NCDOJ”) / State Bureau of Investigation (“NCSBI”). He currently serves on the IAAI-Board of Directors and is Co-Chair of the IAAI’s Training & Education (“T&E”) Committee. David also serves as an adjunct instructor for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives’ (“ATF”) and National Fire Academy’s (“NFA”) fire and explosion training programs. 

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